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Fort Bend Republican Women is a diverse group of women who come together to work to promote Republican ideas and values. Membership in this club is open to all Republicans regardless of age, race, creed or culture. We practice the Republican Philosophy of limited and conservative government. FBRWC is a federated club of the Texas Federation of Republican Women.

Fort Bend Republican Women's Club meets the fourth Wednesday of the month. Our meetings will be offered virtually as well as in person at Freedom Hall until October.  

We start with and meet and greet at 11:00 am. Lunch is available for purchase and the program starts at 11:30 am. We welcome visitors, elected officials and candidates to our meetings.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


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Rightfully Hers
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote

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We appreciate our supporters and many thanks to our website sponsors.

Dean Hrbacek, candidate for Fort Bend County Court at Law #5
Vincent Morales, Fort Bend County Commissioners Court, Precinct 1
Laura Richard, Fort Bend County Clerk

Bylaws Amendments and Election

The National Federation of Republican Women recently sent recommended amendments for all clubs to up-date their bylaws. The Fort Bend RW Bylaws Committee reviewed our club bylaws over the summer and added these updates which were approved at the Executive Board meeting last month. The committee also included some additional amendments to the bylaws and the standing rules, also approved by the Executive Board. Please see the current bylaws and the highlighted amendments.  

The Executive Board voted to increase our club dues to $50 for Primary members and $40 for Associate members. The NFRW bylaws amendments and the proposed dues increase amendment to our club Bylaws and Standing Rules will be presented at our August general meeting and voted on by the membership at our September meeting.

FBRWC June Revision of Bylaws

President's News

Marilyn Davis, FBRW President

On August 26 we had our first FBRW meeting since February. It was a zoom meeting. Thanks to Cherie Young for setting it up for us. It was good to see familiar faces. I wasn’t certain whether a 30 minute-social time was weird for a zoom meeting, but it worked out nicely. We discussed he First Ladies’ speech at the White House: what she said and what she wore. Of course, there was conversation about the corona virus and the approaching storm.

Since the topic of the day, and of the meeting, was the anniversary of the adoption of the 19th amendment, we paid tribute to the amazing women who marched, picketed, and lobbied for 72 years to get us the right to vote. One of those important ladies, Susan B. Anthony, registered to vote and voted a straight Republican ticket in the 1872 presidential election. She was arrested and fined. This year on August 26, 2020, exactly 100 years after the 19th amendment was adopted, President Trump pardoned Susan B. Anthony.


Our lady county judges joined us and solicited our help in getting out the vote and stressing how important it is to vote Republican from top to bottom of the ballot.

Toni Anne Dashiell, our RNC Committeewoman from Texas, sent a 7-minute video. Dressed in her full suffragist costume, she inspired us to live up to the sacrifices made by our foremothers. Many thanks to her for taking time from her incredibly busy schedule to make the video for us.

At our meeting we discussed raising our annual dues from $30 and $20 for primary and associate members to $50 and $40, respectively. NFRW charges us $25 per primary member and TFRW charges us $5 per primary member, leaving FBRW only $5 of our primary member’s dues to conduct our business and to support our candidates. This issue will be voted on at the September 23 meeting.

The Nominating Committee was elected at the August meeting and consists of: Tina Gibson, Lori Townsend, Angela Hays, Kim Icenhower, Kristin Tassin, and Cherie Young. They will meet to select a slate of officers to be presented at the September meeting and voted on at the October meeting.

The FBRW PAC Committee will be chaired by Kristin Tassin, FBRW immediate past president and other members include: Marilyn Davis, FBRW president, Grayle James, FBRW PAC Chairman, Kim Icenhower, Carol Scott, and Kathy Luckenbach. The Committee will meet to determine the distribution of funds to candidates.

So, we have several business items on the agenda. Some will come to a vote. A quorum is necessary to vote, so please make a special effort to attend. It won’t be  ALL business. Jacquie Baly will be speaking. See the meeting flyer for her bio and topic.

I hope to see y’all on September 23 at 11:00.

Read the Full September Newsletter

9-2020 FBRWC Newsletter


Congratulations Grayle James!
TFRW Tribute to Women Honoree

The Republican Party of Texas State Convention was to occur last month in Houston along with all the festivities and fun events, in-cluding the TFRW Tribute to Women luncheon. Unfortunately everything was cancelled. Grayle James, our very hard working member, was chosen by our club to be our nominee. We are so proud of Grayle for everything she has done for Fort Bend Republican Women’s Club and the Republican Party! TFRW will be plan-ning another event in the near future to pay tribute to all of the club honorees around the state. Thank you Grayle!!

Grayle currently serves the Fort Bend Republican Women’s Club as the PAC Treasurer. She has served in this role for the past three years. She also volunteers for candidates and serves as an elected official as a School Board Trustee.

Grayle James currently serves Fort Bend Independent School District as a Trustee. She is in her third term. Her conservative values coupled with her firm belief in the value of education has provided leadership to the school district for the past eight years. She is a past President of the Board and has chaired the Vision and Planning Committee and the Policy Committee. These efforts have impacted the school district through improved strategic planning, Board policy development and improved student outcomes.

Political Advertising Paid for by Fort Bend Republican Women's Club,  Grayle James, 1810 Maidenhair, Sugar Land, TX, 77479, PAC Treasurer, A Tax Exempt Organization Under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, Contributions to FBRW Club PAC are Not Deductible as Charitable Contributions for Federal Income Tax Purposes.

Corporate Contributions are Not Permitted.

Not Authorized by Any Candidate or Committee.